Kings Performing Arts

Dear Parents and Guardians of students of Kings Performing Arts. Due to finance related issues that started in September and continued throughout the first term with less than two thirds of students fees being paid culminating with a change of staff during the Autumn term and other personal circumstances has had to result in the closure of Kings Performing Arts.

Please cancel any standing orders that may still be active as the bank account is now closed.

I would like to thank all of those who have shown continued support throughout the years, those of have helped, shown kindness, generosity and much more than that, I would like to thank our students for making the workplace an entertaining and enjoyable place to be. I wish all the students the very best for the future and wish them every success on their study of the arts and academic subjects.

If you feel that you are owed a refund please contact Kings Performing Arts via email:

before doing so please ensure that you have not missed any payments of class fees during the time your child has been enrolled.

Many Thanks